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Pantone Color Expert Identifies and Interprets Key Directions

Carlstadt, NJ, February 20, 1997 -- Regarded as the single most important international trade show for furniture fabrics, floor coverings, wall coverings and window decor, as well as bed, bath, table and kitchen linens, the Heimtex show in Frankfurt, Germany, brought to light five key color trends for 1998, according to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. Recent years have shown that consumers, having found a newly awakened domesticity, are investing more in their homes than in their wardrobes. As this trend remains strong, color continues to play a vital role in creating an ambiance, and nowhere is this more evident than in the home textile collections for 1998.

"Thus far in the '90s we've seen everything from no-color looks to vivid brights," reports Eiseman. "Whenever color movement extends from the bland neutrals to the blinding brilliants, the natural evolution is always back to the middle," Eiseman pointed out. "For 1998, we see brights that are less strident, neutrals that offer more versatility, deep tones that are more complex and sophisticated and mid-tones that are the wave of the future."

The prevalent colors for 1998 can be divided into five distinct palettes, each reflecting a different mood and intensity of hue:


Not quite as blatant as the electric brights of 1997, next year's vivid colors are less strident and more complex. Rather than simple primaries like Lollipop Red and Buttercup Yellow, there is a broader range of spirited shades that reflect a movement toward a more "grown-up" and sophisticated, yet still playful attitude. Combinations often include the sister shades of orange-red (Mars Red), red-orange (Mandarin Red) and hot pink (Lilac Rose) splashed with a dash of turquoise (Capri Blue). There are tones of purple (Phlox) or Blue (Blithe) and yellow (Golden Glow) and two very '60s looks, cheery yellow (Aspen Gold) or bright green (Poison Green) and bright blue (Princess Blue).

The following PANTONE TEXTILE Color System® Colors are indicative of the HIGH SPIRITS palette:

PANTONE 13-0850 TC Aspen Gold PANTONE 17-4735 TC Capri Blue

PANTONE 17-1562 TC Mandarin Red PANTONE 19-2820 TC Phlox

PANTONE 19-4150 TC Princess Blue PANTONE 17-4336 TC Blithe

PANTONE 17-2227 TC Lilac Rose PANTONE 16-6444 TC Poison Green

PANTONE 15-1050 TC Golden Glow PANTONE 18-1655 TC Mars Red


In extreme contrast to High Spirits is the subtle palette of Gossamer Wings. These quiet tints display a soft, illusionary quality that is entirely appropriate for the many airy, diaphanous and light-reflecting textures that are featured for the future. Subtle yellows with a green cast (Butterfly) and greens with a yellow cast (Pale Lime Yellow or Light Chartreuse) are important to this gentle group, often contrasted with blue (Heather) or lavender (Lavender Frost), while warm pink (Pale Blush) is highlighted by the palest green-blue (Eggshell Blue). The finishing touch comes with an opalescent silver (Silver) either combined with the most delicate of gold-tones (Champagne Beige) or used as a veiled layer over the tender tints.

Flying high on GOSSAMER WINGS, the following PANTONE® TEXTILE Color System® Colors create the palette:

PANTONE 14-4110 TC Heather PANTONE 15-3507 TC Lavender Frost

PANTONE 14-5002 TC Silver PANTONE 14-1012 TC Champagne Beige

PANTONE 13-0613 TC Light Chartreuse PANTONE 11-0701 TC Whisper White

PANTONE 14-1312 TC Pale Blush PANTONE 12-0322 TC Butterfly

PANTONE 14-4809 TC Eggshell Blue PANTONE 12-0520 TC Pale Lime Yellow


Nestled comfortably between the extremes of pastels and vibrant tones is the palette that is evolving as the most directional -- the mosaic mixture of midtones. Not too hot and not too cold, this is the happy medium that many consumers will find just right. This eclectic group offers some of the most winning and creative combinations: A delicious red-pink (Claret Red) with two shades of gold (Ochre and Harvest Gold), stunning mixtures of violet (Deep Periwinkle), yellow-green (Dark Citron) and a touch of ochre (Orange Ochre), blue-green (Porcelain) paired with a lush coral (Camellia). Looking very fresh and delectably inviting, peach (Coral Reef) is making a major comeback, especially appealing when coupled with tranquil blue (Delia Robbia Blue).

The PANTONE TEXTILE Color System Colors that comprise the MOSAICS are:

PANTONE 17-3932 TC Deep Periwinkle PANTONE 16-0435 TC Dark Citron

PANTONE 16-1253 TC Orange Ochre PANTONE 16-0948 TC Harvest Gold

PANTONE 16-4719 TC Porcelain PANTONE 17-1740 TC Claret Red

PANTONE 15-1331 TC Coral Reef PANTONE 16-4020 TC Della Robbia Blue

PANTONE 14-1036 TC Ochre PANTONE 16-1541 TC Camellia


Rich and robustly deep shades plumb new color depths starting with two shades of purple (Nightshade and Grape Royale). These elegant and mysterious hues are striking when juxtaposed against mossy greens (Deep Olive) and sumptuous browns (Andorra or Bronze Brown), while brick red (Rosewood) or berry tones (Red Plum) are especially handsome with darkened navy (Blue Ribbon) or black. Burnished gold (Rich Gold) adds a touch of opulence.

PANTONE® TEXTILE Color System® Colors seen in NEW DEPTHS are:

PANTONE 16-0836 TC Rich Gold PANTONE 19-3712 TC Nightshade

PANTONE 19-1327 TC Andorra PANTONE 19-3839 TC Blue Ribbon

PANTONE 19-1532 TC Rosewood PANTONE 18-0937 TC Bronze Brown

PANTONE 18-0527 TC Deep Olive PANTONE 19-3518 TC Grape Royal

PANTONE 19-0303 TC Jet Black PANTONE 19-2025 TC Red Plum


Though a neutral by any other name is still a neutral, 1998 is the breakout year for a new crop of softly colored neutrals. These neutral tones are newly enriched to effectively complement all of the colors of the preceding palettes. From botanical green (Basil) and cool grayed-green (Spray Green) to the lightest yellowed khaki (Parsnip), warm toasted tan (Macaroon), mellow taupe (Chinchilla), a blue-gray (Stormy Sea) and classic gray (Flint Gray), as well as the newest addition, a barely peach-toned beige (Sun Kiss), these neutrals pick up where the garden left off and bring a touch of wildlife indoors. Though often thought of as supporting players to the more risky colors, these neutrals can definitely star if left on their own.

The following are the PANTONE TEXTILE Color System Colors representing the NEW NEUTRALS:

PANTONE 17-1109 TC Chinchilla PANTONE 16-5803 TC Flint Gray

PANTONE 16-1323 TC Macaroon PANTONE 18-4711 TC Stormy Sea

PANTONE 14-0925 TC Parsnip PANTONE 16-6216 TC Basil

PANTONE 15-0309 TC Spray Green PANTONE 12-0807 TC Sun Kiss

To view the colors that comprise the five color stories for Home 1998, refer to your PANTONE TEXTILE Color System Publications using the six-digit PANTONE Number. For more information on the PANTONE TEXTILE Color System or to purchase individual fabric swatch cards for the 1998 Home Furnishings Colors, contact your local PANTONE TEXTILE Color System Distributor or call Pantone's Customer Service Department at 1.888.PANTONE. Visit our Web site at http:\\www.pantone.com.



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